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Welcome, I'm Helen-Marie,
but just call me HM

I’m not your ordinary coach—I’m a certified, accredited Personal and Business Coach and a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist. I don’t just help you; I’m your Change Agent. I’m here to lead you through the labyrinth of change, to shatter your fears and obliterate those limiting beliefs, no matter where you’re coming from or where you’re heading.

I’m not just your coach; I’m a dynamic, vibrant force. I’m the wind in your sails, propelling you towards your goals. I’m not just engaged; I’m laser-focused, and I believe in the incredible power of you. Together, we’ll take your journey from ordinary to extraordinary.




Professional Personal Coaching for Self-Enhancement

In my role as a personal coach, I specialise in elevating self-awareness, boosting confidence, and strengthening emotional intelligence and resilience in my clients. With a keen focus on helping clients identify and confront their limitations, my mission is to equip them with the courage and skills required to unlock their full potential across all facets of life.

My commitment to nurturing and inspiring change, along with facilitating the discovery of innate creativity, underscores my professional approach. Whether you opt for a single, targeted session or a structured series of sessions, I am dedicated to supporting your journey towards personal and professional growth.


Coaching Programme

These three development programmes are targeted on the 'self' and can be taken as a single programme or a combination depending on your area of development.
The benefits of completing this coaching programme include: –

- Greater self-awareness and emotional intelligence
- A renewed positive belief in yourself and what you are capable of
- Have the courage to take risks, perform with confidence and achieve your goals.

Tailored Business Coaching Services

At the heart of my 1:1 business coaching services is your empowerment. As the client, you have the reins to define the focus of our work together. My expertise lies in guiding clients through transformative changes and providing emerging leaders with a clear path to align their values and vision with their business objectives.

Mental Wellness Consulting

Mental Wellness Consulting for Small Business

I work with small businesses to support them in providing a positive mental health work environment.

Theatre, Film & the Arts

I work as a mental health consultant for theatre and film companies and universities.

Outdoor Coaching

Recharge your energy and unlock your intuition in the natural world with outdoor coaching. It's a transformative experience for your personal and professional journey~

Elevate Your Well-being with Dynamic Group Coaching

Get ready for a holistic wellness journey that nurtures your mind and body. My group coaching sessions dive deep into the realms of physical, emotional, cognitive, and mindful education and practice. The toolbox for our sessions includes mindfulness techniques, cognitive-behavioral tools, self-compassion work, and meditation. Within the group environment, we cultivate a strong sense of community where we collectively focus on transformation and transition. This small group coaching is your gateway to creative exploration, profound listening, and meaningful reflection. It's time to supercharge your well-being in the most dynamic way possible


Group Coaching

I deliver group coaching with an emphasis on ‘mind and body’ wellness. The focus is on physical, emotional, cognitive, and mindful education and practice. The content of the sessions consists of – mindfulness, CBT tools, self-compassion work, Pilates, breathwork and relaxation.

The group environment offers a sense of community where there is a shared focus on change and transition. This small group coaching allows for creative exploration, deep listening, and thoughtful reflection.


Outdoor Coaching

Research on the psychological and cognitive effects of being outdoors has found that time in nature enhances :-
- higher-order thinking
- restores attention
- brings perspective
- boosts creativity
I spend a great deal of my time walking in the local Pentland Hills in Edinburgh and Midlothian.
I know the benefits of getting away from my working environment and that is why I offer outdoor coaching to my clients.
Outdoor coaching allows coach and client to walk side-by-side which offers an experience of ease and equality.
Client benefits include:-
- getting away from work to limit distraction
- being in natural light
- becoming energised
- using their own intuition

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