Everyone has the capacity to be Creative.
So, let’s do it!

close up of face creatively covered in multiple colours of powder paints

Many of us think that to be creative you need to be artistic.

Not true. Creativity may initially make you think of painters, writers, and performers but creativity can also be about expression, having fun, changing the look of a room in your home, or experimenting with the way you prepare your food. Creativity is about doing meaningful and fulfilling activities. This goes far beyond traditional “creative” activities, such as writing or painting.

Everyone has the capacity to become creative.

It’s about finding what is right for you and enjoying the process, not worrying about being judged or failing.

It’s not just about wanting to be creative either, developing our creativity is something we should strive to do. More importantly, it’s something we need to do if we are to experience a truly fulfilling existence.

Our interests, if we choose to pursue them, can become a new activity that we can get good at.

I have a friend who started to paint by taking a class in her spare time. She has since been shortlisted for a prestigious art award. On hearing she had been short listed for her self-portrait (inspired by a visit to the hairdresser) from 400 entries down to the final 30 she told the official ‘I’m not sure how this has happened… I’m not even a professional artist’. She was told that of all the entries hers had gone straight through, meaning all the judges agreed it deserved a place in the final. The official explained her story would be an inspiration for others who felt they did not ‘belong’ in the competition. Even when faced with evidence it can be difficult to accept our creativity can inspire others as well as ourselves.

Maya Angelou quote about creativity on red background

Why is creativity important?

  • Your creativity can inspire others
  • It lets you see the bigger picture
  • Helps solve problems
  • It keeps the mind active and more productive.
  • Reduces stress
  • Builds confidence
  • Can help you build lasting relationships
  • Helps us learn more about ourselves
  • Can bring people together
  • Enables alternative ways of thinking
  • Helps us express our feelings
  • Makes us happier and more content
  • Can help you live longer
  • Can improve your brain
  • Helps us become more empathetic
“Creativity is intelligence having fun” – Albert Einstein

As a therapist and coach, I know that when I go for long periods of time without engaging in some form of creative activity, my mood is affected. I thrive when involved in improvising be it singing jazz and blues, dancing or theatre making.

Interestingly, most of my favourite ways of being creative involve movement – singing, dancing, performing, and walking for inspiration. I also write. I am at this very moment expressing my creativity by writing this blog which I hope, in turn, will inspire you to embrace your own creativity.

How can we become more creative?

  • Make the time: It is a myth that creativity is like an inspirational bolt out the blue. Being creative in a specific area such as the arts, in your work, or in your everyday life is a skill. Protect the time to learn and practice.
  • Think outside the box: Brainstorm ideas, noting whatever thoughts appear, no matter how crazy they seem. You can edit them later – don’t interrupt the ‘flow’.
  • Let your mind wander: Experts recommend “daydreaming with purpose.” Make opportunities to let your daydreams flow, while gently guiding them toward a chosen creative challenge.
  • Get outside: Spending time in nature and wide-open spaces can magnify your attention, heighten valuable mind-wandering, and enhance creativity. Walking is one of the most powerful tricks out there for unblocking your creativity. It’s also one of the easiest to implement – you can open the door and give it a go right now
  • Keep track of your creative ideas: Aha moments can give you a high—but that rush might be premature. Don’t be afraid to return to ideas and modify them when you have more time.