“The wilderness holds answers to questions man has not yet learned to ask.”
– Nancy Newhall

Coaching Outdoors is Growing.

The capitalist urban lifestyle has an impact on our wellbeing. Leaders find it increasingly difficult to balance work and life. Employees are at risk of burnout because of rapid change. Coaching outdoors can be a solution. Breaking free from the confines of the indoors, outdoor coaching becomes a transformative experience. Away from the stressors and pressures of daily life, you gain a fresh perspective. The result? A shift in mindset, paving the way for profound insights and positive thinking.
helen-marie outdoor coach stood with road behind and surrounded by nature
helen-marie outdoor coach stood with road behind and surrounded by nature

Benefit to the individual

Experience a myriad of benefits, including:

Connecting to Nature: Embrace the therapeutic power of nature.

Clarity of Thinking: Gain mental clarity and focus.

Increased Creativity: Tap into newfound creativity.

Sense of Perspective: Achieve a broader outlook on life.

Processing Time in Supported Silence: Reflect and recharge in a supported environment.

Relaxation: Unwind and release stress.

Being in Flow: Find your rhythm and flow in life.

Change of Mindset: Transform your perspective and approach.

Benefit to Business

Empower your business or organisation with:

Innovative Problem-Solving:

Create space for reflection and exploration, allowing your team to discover innovative solutions to business challenges.
Enhanced Creativity: Unleash creativity by stepping outside the confines of the traditional workplace.

Expanded Thinking:

Overcome limitations imposed by information overload and workplace demands, enabling your team to access new perspectives and ideas.

Agility and Entrepreneurial Thinking:

Cultivate an agile and entrepreneurial mindset, essential for navigating today’s dynamic business landscape.

CTR Wilson plaque on stone wall with beautiful fields and trees view behind

One-to-One Outdoor Coaching

What to Expect:

Complimentary Chemistry Session:

Begin your coaching experience with a free chemistry session. This initial meeting ensures that I am the perfect match for your coaching needs.

Six Sessions Package:

Dive deep into self-discovery with a set of six 60-minute sessions. This structured approach allows for meaningful progress and sustainable growth.

Flexible, Tailored Approach:

I adapt my coaching style to meet your unique needs. Together, we craft a personalised journey that aligns with your goals.
Agreed Upon Route, Dates, and Times: Your coaching experience is tailored to your schedule and preferences. We collaborate to set the route, dates, and times that suit you best.

Guided Exploration:

As your coach, I walk beside you as we explore the relevant areas of your life. Together, we navigate the path to personal fulfillment and success.

Whole-Person Coaching:

Recognising that life involves multiple roles—business person, parent, partner—I coach the whole person, addressing all aspects of your life.

*Payment plans are available upon inquiry

Elevate your journey of self-discovery and growth. Get in touch and start your transformative coaching experience today.

  • I have completed Training with COGS Coaching Outdoors
  • I have up to date First Aid Training
Investment £500

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